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At The Curtain Store, our mission is to be the unparalleled destination for exquisite window furnishings, offering a diverse range of curtains, nets, and blinds tailored to meet the unique tastes and desires of our valued customers. Led by the passion and expertise of owner Dennis Lind, our dedicated team is committed to providing fast, friendly, and professional service, ensuring every customer’s experience is marked by personalized attention and expert guidance. We take pride in delivering a seamless and enjoyable journey, transforming dreams into reality with a wide selection of quality products and a wealth of knowledge accumulated over forty years.

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Nestled 20 minutes Northeast of Wellington City, The Curtain Store began its journey as a vision brought to life by owner Dennis Lind. With a profound passion for window furnishings, Dennis envisioned a space where curtains transcended mere fabric, becoming threads that weave narratives of style and comfort. Founded in 2004, our store has evolved into a beacon of inspiration, curating a diverse range of curtains, nets, and blinds.

Dennis, backed by a vibrant team of dedicated professionals, infuses every aspect of The Curtain Store with a commitment to excellence. Our 350m sq showroom in Upper Hutt serves as a testament to our dedication, offering a visual feast of possibilities. From quality upmarket ready-made to bespoke curtain manufacturing, our story unfolds with each customer, as we guide them through the process of turning their window dreams into tangible realities.


The Curtain Store’s history is a rich tapestry woven with threads of experience, knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service. Established as a haven for discerning decorators, our legacy spans decades of providing not just window furnishings but an experience steeped in craftsmanship. Our comprehensive range of roll stock and cut length samples, sourced from esteemed suppliers like James Dunlop, Charles Parsons, Warwick, and others, reflects our dedication to offering choices that inspire.

Throughout the years, we’ve been more than just a store; we’ve been a partner in the transformation of living spaces. Our commitment to good old-fashioned service, combined with a continual evolution to meet the changing needs of our customers, has positioned us as one of the leading companies in the Lower North Island’s window furnishing landscape. At The Curtain Store, our history is a story of growth, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional results.