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Guide to Measuring for Blinds

Fitting Options You Need to Know


Face Fitting

Opt for this choice when installing your blind outside the window recess.

When taking measurements for your new blind, determine the desired overlap across all four sides. For square set windows, it’s advised that the blind extends beyond the window recess by at least 70mm at the top and 50mm on each side. The bottom overlap is up to your preference, but for blinds reaching the floor, a 10-20mm clearance is recommended. For windows framed with architrave, simply measure the full width and height of the architrave’s flat surface.

Recess Fitting

Select this option for blinds to be fitted inside the window recess.

We will adjust the measurements you provide slightly when crafting your blind, ensuring a snug fit and smooth operation within the recess. There’s no need for you to account for these adjustments in your measurements – we’ve got it covered to guarantee your blind fits just right.

Roll Direction


Back Roll

Choosing the back roll option positions the fabric behind the roller tube, as seen in all our images. This setting, our standard, best preserves the fabric by protecting the front from direct sunlight, ensuring it remains in top condition over time.

Front Roll

The front roll option places the roller tube behind the fabric, an aesthetic choice that exposes more of the fabric and its details. However, this means the front of the fabric faces sunlight more frequently, which could lead to fading over time. Consider this carefully, especially for blinds in north facing or exposed windows, to maintain your roller blind’s vibrant colour and pattern.

Blind Styles


Single Blind

An economical choice for every home. Combining View Screen or Light Filter fabrics in communal areas with Block Out Rollers in bedrooms offers great value and functionality. This option provides substantial utility and style, making it a wise investment.

Double Blind

Perfect for those seeking enhanced functionality and style, double blinds offer more than the standard single roller blind. As the name suggests, this option involves installing two blinds for each window. In bedrooms, for example, use the Block Out Blind for undisturbed sleep at night, and in the morning, switch to the view screen blind for privacy with natural light. This versatile solution doubles the benefits, making it an excellent choice for most homes.


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