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Measuring Guide for Wallpaper

Welcome to our detailed guide on measuring for wallpaper! Accurate measurement is essential to guarantee you purchase the correct quantity of wallpaper for your project, thus avoiding surplus waste and saving you both time and money. Adhere to these straightforward steps to precisely measure your walls and ascertain the required amount of wallpaper.

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools

Before commencing, ensure you have the following items ready:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper
  • Calculator


Step 2: Measure Your Walls

Begin by determining the height and width of each wall where you plan to apply wallpaper. Utilise a measuring tape and jot down the measurements in inches or centimetres, according to your preference.

For precision, measure from the ceiling to the floor for height and from one corner to the other for width. Should your walls feature any irregularities like alcoves or sloping ceilings, measure these sections individually.

Step 3: Calculate the Total Square Metres

Multiply the height by the width to calculate the total square metres for each wall. For instance, a wall measuring 3 metres high and 3.6 metres wide equates to 10.8 square metres.
Repeat this calculation for every wall, then sum up the total square metres of all walls to ascertain the total square metres required for your project.


Step 4: Account for Pattern Matching

Should your wallpaper exhibit a pattern necessitating alignment, you might need to order additional wallpaper to guarantee a seamless match.
Consult with us regarding how much extra you should order, taking into account the pattern repeat and the wallpaper manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5: Deduct for Doors and Windows

Subtract the square metres of any doors and windows from the total square metres computed in Step 3. Measure the height and width of each door and window, then multiply these figures to determine the square metres to deduct.


Step 6: Verify Your Measurements

Ensure you double-check all measurements before placing your order. It’s always prudent to err on the side of caution!

By adhering to these steps, you can measure for wallpaper with confidence, guaranteeing a successful and aesthetically pleasing result for your endeavour. Should you require further guidance or have any queries, our expert team is here to assist. Happy decorating!

Step 7: Place Your Wallpaper Order

Having determined the total square metres required, factor in a bit extra for any potential mistakes or unexpected issues. It’s advisable to have slightly more than to find yourself short.

When placing your wallpaper order, make sure to review the roll size and coverage per roll to confirm you’re ordering the correct amount. Most wallpaper rolls will indicate the square metres they cover.