Brown Thick Linen Sheer Voile Ready Made Curtain

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Revitalize your home decor with our Brown Thick Linen Sheer Voile Ready Made Curtain. Crafted from premium thick linen, these curtains exude elegance and warmth, enhancing any space. The sheer voile fabric allows soft light to filter through while maintaining privacy. With easy installation and a versatile brown hue, these curtains are perfect for adding a cozy and stylish touch to your windows.

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Composition Voile Curtain
Usage Curtains
Availability 4 Weeks From Order Date
Colour Brown
Size W100x120cm, W100x250cm, W100x265cm, W150x180cm, W150x220cm, W150x250cm, W200x220cm, W200x250cm, W250x265cm, W300x250cm, W320x265cm, W350x250cm, W400x250cm, W450x250cm, W500x250cm, W600x250cm
Pattern Texture
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