Natural Linen Texture Blackout Ready Made Curtain

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Revitalize your space with our Natural Linen Texture Blackout Ready Made Curtain. Crafted to perfection, these curtains feature a luxurious linen texture that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Designed to block out unwanted light, they provide privacy and create a cozy ambiance. Elevate your home decor effortlessly with these stylish blackout curtains.

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Composition Polyester Cotton
Usage Curtains
Availability 4 Weeks From Order Date
Colour Brown, White
Size W100xH130cm, W100xH160cm, W100xH180cm, W100xH200cm, W100xH220cm, W100xH250cm, W100xH270cm, W150xH160cm, W150xH180cm, W150xH200cm, W150xH220cm, W150xH250cm, W150xH270cm, W150xH280cm, W200xH160cm, W200xH180cm, W200xH200cm, W200xH220cm, W200xH250cm, W200xH270cm, W250xH220cm, W250xH250cm, W250xH270cm, W300xH160cm, W300xH180cm, W300xH200cm, W300xH220cm, W300xH250cm, W300xH270cm, W350xH270cm, W400xH270cm
Pattern Striped
Sold Per Curtain